The Gotland Museum

A group of people listening to a guide in the Historical Museum.

Guided tours

Let us show you our fantastic artefacts, environments and tell you stories from bygone days! Our guides are very knowledgeable and popular with children and adults alike.

We conduct regular tours at the Historical Museum and Art Museum. At Norrbys Rural Museum, we run two tours a day in the summer season.

We also conduct guided town walks in the Hanseatic Town of Visby. They all start out from the Historical Museum (Fornsalen) and take 90-120 minutes.

Personal Group Bookings

You can book a private guided tour for a school class, club or company. Contact Booking, +46 (0) 498-29 27 40.

A group of people looking out over Visby.

Guided Town Walks

We offer several different guided town walks in the World Heritage Site of Visby.

The Summer Bloodbath

The most tragic event in Gotland’s history took place in summer 1361. Thousands of Gotland’s farmers were butchered in battles against King Valdemar Atterdag of Denmark and his mighty army. Join one of our guides in finding traces of that summer bloodbath. What is fact? What is fiction?

The Ruins Tell Their Tale

Join a guided walk of Visby - the town of ruins. The tour starts at the site of the first church on Gotland, and then visits some of Visby’s ruins.

The Russian Church in Visby

Many secrets nestle beneath a restaurant in the main square (Stora Torget) in Visby. The basement houses the remains of a Russian medieval church and churchyard. The museum guides take you on a trip beneath the modern town.

Hidden Visby

The museum has keys to some of our most thrilling (and locked) historical buildings and ruins in Visby. On this tour, you will be able to join our knowledgeable guides, who will unlock the doors to exciting worlds where time has stood still.

Visby: 20 Years as a World Heritage Site

The museum guides will tell you about the World Heritage and show you some of the most unique buildings in Visby. How are the historical World Heritage buildings currently put to use? What is it about the historical buildings that makes Visby so unique?

The Botanical Garden.

Nature Walks

Enjoy our Botanical Gardens, brimming with exotic plants and trees, or go fossil-hunting at Ireviken with one of our staff.

Guided Walks in the Botanical Gardens

Book easy-going walks in DBW’s Botanical Gardens with our knowledgeable guides. Choose between a garden walk, flower and plants walk or tree walk. We also run specialized walks, concentrating on roses or Carl Linnaeus.

Fossil-Hunting at Ireviken

Join Gotland Museum on a walk along the coast at Ireviken. We study the geology and hunt for fossils among the pebbles. Starting point: Ireviken car park.

Coach Tours

We have four set tours:

  • Gotland in 3 hours
  • The South
  • The East
  • Fårö.

See Gotland through historical and cultural historical glasses!