Hannah Streefkerk - Rindi (Hedera Helix) plastica

Hannah Streefkerk – Rindi (Hedera Helix) plastica

Hedera Helix is Gotland's regional plant. It is easy to understand why because you can see it everywhere on the island. On some locations, it looks as if this plant takes over the rest of nature. For Bakom Grönskan I sewed Hedera Helix leaves from green plastic to show that plastic is taking over our society. And in case we don’t care enough for nature, plastic will destroy our world. Maybe one day the only green feeling we can get is from plastic nature ...

All the leaves are sewed by hand and this very time-consuming process (one leave takes half an hour) is important for me as a symbol for the time and energy we should invest in saving our world.

Hannah Streefkerk

Född i Nederländerna, boende i Alingsås. Masterexamen i Visual Arts och kandidatexamen i Architectural Engineering. Hannah arbetar utgående från naturen och har deltagit i ett flertal utställningar som kretsar kring just konst och natur.

Hemsida: www.hannahstreefkerk.viewbook.com